Open letter to Christian Cardeli: Christian, we want you!

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You all know that Italians are said to be “Saints, sailors and poets”, well I am going to offer you another proof if you ever need it.

On the new Macedonian reality show called Mission, there is a 31 Italian guy, unknown in Italy (we tryed to google his name but no italian results for it), but, as it seems, going to be a star in the Balkans.


Well, Christian Cardeli, who ever you are, we want you to send us a message and explain the Italian public, what the hell you are doing in that show, how did u reach it, how is such a strange experience!

And, of course, we want you to become a “burekeater” ad honorem.

We wish you to win of course and we hope to hear news from you very soon!

Francesco e Biljana

If any of our reader is interested on the reality show, you can watch the streaming audio and video clicking here.

If someone wants to know more than the faces of the participants (there even are an Israeli, a Syrian, and a Czech one too), more information is available on the official site.


[Thanks to Mo for his precious information]