Portrait of Padre Pio as an egg

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It looks like people from Brescia Italy don’t like contemporary art or, at least, they don’t appreciate when it mixes and/or jokes with religious believes.

That’s why many polemics are being provocated by the new Sislej Xhafa (Kosovarian sculpturer hosted at the Biennale) work in a public park of Brescia: Padre/father/baba/pate Pio. In the artist’s view, the sculpture is meant to “pump” the head of the religious up to turn it into a prayer place itself even though what the citizen of Brescia noticed has been quite different.

When the sculpture appeared in the park, they simply assumed it to be a “game for children” while as soon as they realized from the poster that it was not, they protested and told the sculpture to offend their religious feelings.

As for me, I will surely remember it, when, at dinner time, I’ll be eating my next fried egg…