Di pljeskavica e stigghiola

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Do you remember our post about the biggest pljeskavica of the world?

Well, some days ago, I have turned myself into a turist in my place once again since I was hosting some friends from Turin and gotta make them tour, our historic centre and markets.

Well, I wasn’t eating stigghiola since quite a long time. As every respectable “sicilian” guide, in order to make my friends fell into the true spirit of Palermo, I invited them to eat then and tasted them again in the main square of the Vucciria’s Market (while a cheapskate german turist stealed a piece of them from our plate…).

It was that moment that I brought my memory to Serbia, the country in which I have never been and to its little towns in which you can eat the pljeskavica just like you can eat our stigghiola, simply on the road as an heavy but pleasant predinner.

Travelling, travelling, travelling, with body or just soul, to discover that you are never alone, never.

Even when you taste your private, own, stigghiola, your so proudly called “sicilian food”, you never know in Leskovac or wherever in the world somebody, may evenbe your enemy, is doing the same.